About Us

I’m Jordan Sully, the founder of the blog Natural Dermatology (www.naturaldermatology.com) and the formulator of the ND Skincare range.

I had a personal battle with acne for 15 years.

During this time I visited countless dermatologists and received every type of conventional treatment available. Despite receiving three courses of Accutane and steroids in my teens, constantly switching antibiotics throughout my twenties and using external medicated skincare products throughout, I found none of these provided an effective long term solution, as my acne would always return. They also came with many side effects which caused more harm than good.

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At the depth of despair I went back to my dermatologist who in a routine 5-minute consultation, prescribed what would have been my fourth course of Accutane. This was the point where I realised that an alternative approach was needed and I decided to start learning about natural methods.

Natural Skincare

I no longer wanted to use medicated skincare products comprising of harsh chemicals that are toxic to the skin and damage the skin barrier to suppress acne for the short term. I found the aggressive nature of these products actually made my acne worse. They were highly irritating and stripped the skin of its natural oils. I believe this drying effect causes an oil imbalance, which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This is counterproductive for acne sufferers as the overproduction of sebum is a factor in the development of acne.

Finding suitable skincare products that optimised skin health and maintained skin barrier quality was very difficult, as I found most cosmetic products contained artificial fragrances and synthetic ingredients. These can be harmful to sensitive skin and increases the risk of an adverse reaction, such as an acne breakout. I decided to develop a range of natural skincare products that contained active ingredients that met the following criteria:

1. Stop inflicting damage to the skin - prevent barrier degradation.

2. Assist the skin in healing itself - promote barrier repair. 

I spent a significant amount of time researching the benefits of various organic oils and testing them on my skin. A range of products were carefully formulated, consisting of 'biologically active' ingredients known traditionally for their therapeutic effects for acne.

Holistic Philosophy

Natural skincare is an important piece of the acne management solution. However despite it being a visual issue on the skins surface, I believe the problem goes much deeper into the internal systems of the body. To support my skincare I needed to take a broader outlook, a 'holistic philosophy'.

My research centered around that the role of body toxins, the liver and the gut. Click here to read more. 

Therefore I believe that acne can be the result of two deficiencies:

1. Inefficiently operating filtration system

2. Inefficiently operating digestive system

Both of which increases the toxic load on the body and the excess toxins are secreted through the skin, causing acne.

Diet and stress further increase the toxic burden on these systems, compounding to acne.

To assess the performance of my internal systems, I undertook two biological tests: a stool analysis and a food intolerance test. The stool analysis indicated that I had very low levels of good bacteria residing in the gut and this imbalance had lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, such as candida (yeast overgrowth), a parasite and H. pylori bacterium. The food intolerance test confirmed that I was extremely intolerant to dairy and I was slightly intolerant to gluten. It was apparent that my immune system had been completely broken down from the excessive use of accutane and anitbiotics over the years.

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It was clear that I needed to repair my gut and detoxify my body. I started by taking probiotics to promote a healthy gut flora, took problem foods out of my diet and carried out a liver cleanse. I supported this period of healing with a lifestyle that was centred around the holistic health approach to medicine. 

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Holistic health believes that both the physical and mental aspects of life are closely interlinked and the connection of mind, body and spirit affect the overall wellness of a person. I decided to make key lifestyle changes in line with this approach to manage my stress levels and improve my overall well-being:

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Living with acne severely affected my self-esteem and negatively influenced my daily behaviours. My skin felt like a barrier between my inner self and the outside world, preventing me from connecting with people and affecting my relationships with the ones closest to me. It was clear that I needed to work on how I dealt with my acne psychologically by becoming more accepting of my skin.

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Clear Skin

Within 6 months of my new natural skincare regime and holistic lifestyle, I was free of acne for the first time since the age of 15. Click here to read about my monthly progress following my natural acne regimen.

Due to my success in achieving clear skin, I have a passion to help you do the same and this is the inspiration behind Natural Dermatology. Our mission is quite simple, to improve the well-being and change the lives of acne sufferers. I hope by sharing Natural Dermatology with you, I am able to achieve just that.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix and like any new regimen, the effects take time to reflect in your skin. Patience, persistence and positivity are essential. However by embracing a natural approach and making it a lifestyle choice, I am certain that the key to achieving results is to follow a natural approach. I have total belief in my skincare products and lifestyle-based routine as the most effective way to manage your acne.