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Stress: Can Stress Cause Spots?

Stress: Can Stress Cause Spots?

Understanding the Problem: Does Stress Cause Acne?

According to conventional dermatologists, there is no correlation between stress and acne. Although it is recognised that stressful situations can lead to an outbreak of acne lesions in certain individuals, dermatologists discount the notion that stress can cause acne and other skin conditions.

At Natural Dermatology we are aware that stress causes a decrease in the efficiency of our physical operating system, which majorly contributes to the body’s ability to remain acne-free.

Furthermore, it has been determined that two main deficiencies in the body that cause acne are a poorly functioning digestive system, and a poorly functioning filtration system. This is because inefficiently digested food particles (by the digestive system) and inefficiently filtered toxins (by the filtration system), lead to a toxic burden on the body. These excess toxins are then secreted through the pores of the skin, contributing to acne lesions. When the body is under stress, it inhibits the performance of the digestive and filtration systems.

Only by removing this stress can you expect a change and improvement in your acne condition. As such, we recommend that you make a concerted effort to understand the cause of the stress in your life, and implement the changes necessary to reduce it.

Sources of Stress

There are two basic sources of stress: internal and external. Internal stress is caused by over-toxicity, diseases, and organ failure. Stress due to sickness is not only taxing physically; it also has a profound effect on a person’s psyche. Organ failure—as in the case of the digestive system’s inability to naturally segregate good and bad substances or the liver’s failure to filter out toxins—allows toxic substances to circulate in the human body. These toxins are eventually expelled out through the skin, causing acne growth.

External stresses, on the other hand, are related to almost any human activity. Personal relationships, work conditions, traumatic or life-changing events, and the environment all present different forms of stressors. When a person is subjected to too much stress over a long period of time, their body defenses are compromised.

Stressful situations can lead a person towards harmful activities such as over indulgence in alcohol or illegal substances, binge eating, and recklessness. Stress can take its toll on mental and physical capability, result in lack of appetite and weight loss. A person under tremendous amounts of stress may fail to care for themselves, neglecting simple processes such as personal hygiene. These unsavory effects of stress will eventually compromise the body’s ability to filter out the accumulation of toxins from different sources.

Without proper nutrients entering the body, neither the gut nor the liver will not have the energy source to function efficiently. The build-up of toxic substances will make it doubly hard for both organs to function normally. Eventually, they will fail to expel toxins through defecation and urination and these harmful substances will find their way into the bloodstream and out through the skin.

Dealing with Stress and Acne

Managing stress is not only important in maintaining your composure but also in preserving the health of your skin. Thus, it is very important that you develop different forms of stress-defense mechanisms.

Manage Your Stress and Live an Acne-free Life

Stress can cause damage to your life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Your ability to handle stress effectively will have a profound effect on the quality of life that you live. When you wake up to find a spot on your face, ask yourself if you have been experiencing stress lately. Acne can be a sign that there is something wrong with your digestion or that your liver may not be filtering out toxins efficiently. It can also be a warning that you are being overwhelmed by stress. Either way, acne is more than a dermatological problem and should be viewed and treated as such.


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