The Filtration System

Body Toxins and the Liver

The human body is a non-stop working machine. Every part of the body remains operational and engaged as long as the body is alive and well. Nutrients in the foods we eat have a huge role to play in the body’s ability to function. Not everything that we eat, however, is good for our body.

There are chemicals, substances, and toxins in food that can cause harm if not filtered thoroughly and expelled from the body. This is the main role of the liver (the filtration system)—to separate the good from the bad. Through the process of natural segregation, our body continues to grow and flourish from helpful nutrients and avoids harm from the unwanted food by-products.

How Does the Body’s Filtration System Work

Imagine your body as an air conditioning unit: it absorbs air from the outside, passes it through the filter, and emits clean, cool air into the room. Dust, chemical residues, ash, and other tiny wastes are blocked by the filter to ensure that only fresh air gets inside your room.

Overtime, the filter gets clogged with debris making it hard for the ACU to function efficiently. That’s when you will begin to hear strange noises and you start feeling uncomfortable even when the unit is in maximum cooling capacity. If it remains dirty, the unit will eventually malfunction and you will be forced to spend more on repair and maintenance.

The human body is no different—we breathe, eat, and drink to keep us going. The nutrients that we put into our body keep us energetic, fresh, and upbeat. However, all these sources of energy come with very tiny particles that are harmful to our body. Some even contain micro-organisms that can cause disease or ailment.

Our body must function efficiently to filter these harmful substances. The liver is the main digestive organ that is responsible for separating toxins from the nutrients. It blocks the toxins that find their way into the bloodstream, passing them to the kidney to be broken down and excreted. Even so, there are still a few of these harmful chemicals that get circulated around our body. you’re a healthy body will be able to tolerate these without any ill effects.

Warning: Filter Breakdown

When the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins and chemicals, the filtration performance of the liver will begin to decline. This does not happen overnight. Rather, as you breathe polluted air daily, eat food laced with chemicals, and drink substances that are harmful to the liver, your body’s ability to naturally cleanse will be severely hampered.

This leads to harmful materials finding their way back to the body instead of being expelled. As the levels of toxins that are recirculating build up, the body will attempt to excrete them in various ways.

A classic example of malfunction occurs through over-indulgence in alcohol. The morning following a heavy drinking session sees many people still smelling of alcohol. This happens because the liver is not efficiently able to manage the volume of alcohol (toxins) that passed through it the previous night. Those that are not expelled out as urine will eventually flow back to the bloodstream and excrete through other means, such as the skin.

As the liver battles toxins from various sources—both internal and external—its ability to work efficiently diminishes and the internal toxins begin to multiply. Over time, there are too many toxins internally for the liver to proficiently manage. These harmful substances that are not filtered by the liver exit through the skin and become the major cause of acne.

Acne Treatment and Your Liver

Now that you know that your acne condition may not be skin-deep and can be the result of the body’s inability to carry out the naturally occurring detoxification process, it’s important to find remedies that will address your liver problems as well as your skin.

Evaluate your lifestyle and try to avoid anything that contributes to the levels of toxicity in your system. Remember, toxins do not only come from the food we eat—the air we breathe have pollutants that are harmful to the body and the water we drink may be contaminated with hard metals or dangerous micro-organisms.

The accumulation of toxins coming from different sources makes the liver work overtime and the operation of the filtration system will become less efficient, causing further stress to the body.

To demonstrate it graphically, take a glass of water and pour it in a funnel. The liquid will just flow easily out without spillage, right? Now, try pouring a pitcher of water into the same funnel. Do you think you will get the same results?

For this reason, it is very important to be conscious of the foods you eat and the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink, not to mention your exposure to toxic chemicals in your environment. When the body is filled with toxins that the liver cannot filter, these harmful substances will overflow and find their way into the bloodstream.

The body will then find other means to expel them, usually through the skin, potentially leading to an outbreak of acne. If this is the case, consider consulting a liver specialist. If you decide to consult a dermatologist to address your skin trouble, and you’re given some prescription medicines, make sure that these drugs will not affect the liver.

Accutane, for example, is a common acne treatment. However, studies have shown that it may cause liver damage if not regulated properly. Dermatologists will actually require you to undergo blood tests to ensure that the medication does not injure your liver.

Fight off Acne the Natural Way

The best way to keep acne off at bay is to have a healthy, functioning natural filter system. Always be mindful of the foods you eat and of your lifestyle in general. It might not be practical to move to a different location if you are living in a polluted city, but there are other means of lessening the impact of toxic chemicals which enter your body. Finally, if you are undergoing acne treatment, be sure that it’s not something which cures one problem, only to create another.

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