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Body toxins, the liver and the gut

Body toxins, the liver and the gut

Following extensive research, I believe that acne is the result of two deficiencies in the operation of the body.

1. Inefficiently operating filtration system

A liver that is poorly functioning or has a large toxic burden due to other inefficiencies in the body, leads to harmful substances not being expelled from the body effectively.

Instead the skin becoming a secondary filter, secreting toxins through, causing acne. 

2. Inefficiently operating digestive system

A poorly functioning gut that finds it difficult to break down food particles and retains waste by-products for longer than necessary, leads to an increased toxic load on the body and additional pressure on the liver, again causing the skin to expel excess toxins.

Lifestyle Influences

Aspects of a person’s lifestyle, also lie at the root of these deficiencies.

These include:

  • The body being overloaded with toxins, due to poor dietary choices. 

Different types of foods draw out different kinds of reactions from the body. There are foods that contribute to the deterioration of the body’s ability to function properly, which affects the performance of the filtration and digestive systems.

  • The body being overworked and receiving a lack of maintenance, due to stress.

Stress causes a decrease in the efficiency of our physical operating system. Therefore, when the body is under stress, it inhibits the performance of the digestive and filtration systems, which are so essential in the fight against acne.