Natural Acne Regimen: My Progress

Month 1

I understood that the skin takes time to respond to any new regimen. As it takes 28 days to regenerate and for new skin to come to the surface, I did not expect to see a radical improvement immediately. At first I experienced an initial breakout. I believe this was due to my skin reacting to the significant changes I had made to my lifestyle, particularly my diet.

The skin is the fourth largest organ and if the body is overrun with toxins that have built up through poor dietary choices, the skin assists the liver during the detoxification process by squeezing toxins out of its pores, which can cause acne lesions.

Therefore by making specific changes to my diet, my body was detoxifying and an acne breakout was my skins response. This was a very distressing period, however I remained positive as I expected my acne would have to get worse before it got better.

Month 2 and 3

After a month my skin calmed. I was still developing new acne lesions at a similar rate as before my new regimen, however the overall texture and tone of my skin had noticeably improved. The most pleasing aspect was my skin did not feel dry or tight and remained hydrated and supple for longer periods.

This provided my skin with a new found resilience. The new lesions were becoming less irritated and inflamed than before. They were dying off much quicker in comparison to the past when they would progress into more inflamed, cystic lesions deep under the skin. This would usually have led to bacteria overgrowth and result in a collection of more lesions around the same inflamed area.

Month 4 and 5

Even though it was still very early days in terms of the benefits of the natural approach showing through my skin, I had seen enough improvement to realise I was moving in the right direction. Friends and family were starting to compliment me on the general appearance of my skin and how ‘healthy’ I was looking.

I was still developing new acne lesions, however the most pleasing aspect was the speed of which they were forming and then disappearing without becoming inflamed and collecting together on my skin. This improved cellular turnover resulted in only developing smaller comedones, very few pustules and no deeply inflamed cystic lesions which I had become accustomed too in the past.

Month 6

The improvement was hugely evident. For the first time in fifteen years, I was virtually free of acne, albeit some small non-inflammatory comedones that would come and go without causing any damage to my skin.

My skin had significantly improved its natural ability to self-regenerate and it was doing so more frequently. My skin no longer possessed a red flushed tone and the pitted scars that were present due to the cystic acne lesions of the past, were highly reduced and of a smoother nature.

At the age of 30 and within a year of being at the lowest point in my life with my severe adult acne, my skin was clear. Since deciding to embrace a holistic approach to my skincare and the natural acne regimen, I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I have total confidence that the type of products applied to the skin and the lifestyle that is followed is the most effective way of caring for acne.

I am living proof that a natural acne regimen works, which has motivated me to share it with you to help you achieve clear skin!

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