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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Skin Care Routine

Just like you spring clean your house and swap your heavy winter clothing with warmer tanks and shorts, it’s important that you update your skincare routine and start a new when warm weather arrives. The dry air and frigid temperatures of winter can make your skin itchy and subsequently worsening skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. More than 85% of people with rosacea report changes in symptoms due to weather conditions.

So as the weather starts to warm up, try these 5 tips to switch up your skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin.

1. Swap your moisturiser for something lighter

In warm weather, you’re more likely to sweat when you are out doing your daily activities. For spring, store your heavy moisturiser and use a lighter, water-based moisturiser if you have normal skin. For oily skin, you may even skip your moisturiser altogether. A good guideline here is to go from creams in a tub to a bottle with a pump or spray

2. Bathe more often

If you avoided full baths during the winter for fear of drying your skin out even more, the time for less frequent bathing has come to an end. Spring is the perfect time to transition to a daily shower or full bath since you’re probably going to start sweating again. Don’t overdo it though; bathing too often can still dry out your skin. Try to use soap only once a day to avoid washing off the body’s essential oils

3. Exfoliate to reveal a healthy, radiant glow

Exfoliating in the spring does wonders for getting rid of the nasty dead skin from the winter months. This reveals a fresh layer of skin that’s glowing and radiant. Gentle exfoliation will allow moisturisers to really sink into the skin and evens out skin texture. If you use self-tanners in the spring, this will help it apply more evenly and it could even last longer, too.

4. Limit your time in the sun

The sun can benefit or worsen your condition if you’re not aware. More sun exposure can benefit those who have psoriasis, but overdoing it to the point of sunburn can case it to flare up. Get enough sun for your daily dose of vitamin D, but don’t forget to wear your hats, protective clothing and sunscreen for the rest of the time especially when the sun is at it’s harshest (around noon).

5. Wear less make-up—go bare-faced

Spring is the time to go all natural and lighter on the make-up. Warmer, more humid days means more sweating, and you can’t go wearing full coverage foundation on those 100-degree days unless you want to look like a melted action figure. Let your pores breathe and stick to lighter foundation or skip it altogether.