Skin-Friendly Solutions for Sensitive and Problem Skin

The Benefits of Natural Products to Aging Skin

The latest and ‘greatest’ potions these days are all over the skin care market, but have you ever wondered if you could get the same benefits from products made from all-natural ingredients? Many seem to think so.

When going with the natural alternatives, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the common ingredients, which skin care step you should remember to do, and how different approaches to skin benefit different people, especially mature skin.


Shea butter is a good cleanser because of the natural fat content. Along with moisturizing, it can also cleanse the skin and provide protection. Shea butter, when rubbed gently on the surface of the skin, also increases blood flow for better rejuvenation and tissue regeneration.

Orange oil can be used to remove toxins to the skin, but it is also very gentle and moisturizing. Extracted from the fruit, orange oil has a soothing aroma that both calms and relaxes one’s mood. When applied directly on the skin, it can have anti-inflammatory benefits as well.


Willow bark extract is an example of a beta-hydroxy acid. When applied on the skin and gently rubbed in circular motions, it can help unclog pores and dislodge dead skin cells.

Sugar can be found in almost every household and it great for exfoliating. Simply crush some granulated sugar until fine and take a small amount (1 tsp.) and mix into your cleanser. The sugar gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.


Aloe has long been one of the most common ingredients in moisturizers because it truly works. Combined with vitamin E, you will have a potent moisturizer that heals the skin from the surface.

Royal bee jelly comes from bees and contains vitamins, minerals and pollen that are known to protect and nourish the skin. Research has shown that royal bee jelly has enough fuel in it to support the queen bee, which is known to live 20-30 times longer than the regular worker bee.

Personal preferences and skin care needs

The products you will need largely depends on your personal preferences and skin care needs. You may like the scent of one natural ingredient over another similar one, just as you may prefer apples over pears. However, as you shop around, bear in mind that there are plenty of natural ingredients available on the market that work just as well as those complicated potions that cost obscene amounts of money. Sometimes all you need is right there in front of you!