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The Best Antioxidants for the Skin

The Best Antioxidants for the Skin

If you think you’re helpless when it comes to improving your skin, think again! Did you know that a diet rich in antioxidants can do wonders for slowing down aging, brightening up your complexion and healing scars? Not to mention the wonderful benefits for your overall health and wellbeing as well.

Here are some antioxidant superfoods that will do wonders for your skin:

1. Green tea

While green tea can contain caffeine (so you should avoid it if you want a caffeine-free diet), it is high in catechin polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants. One cup of green tea provides 10-40 mg of polyphenols and has antioxidant effects greater than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries.

2. Dark chocolate

In 2003, New Scientist reported that eating dark chocolate can increase antioxidant levels, but the same does not go for milk chocolate — and drinking milk while eating the dark chocolate also cancels out the benefits. Dark chocolate is high in epicatechin, a type of antioxidant known as a flavonoid. In one study cited, those who ate dark chocolate had a 20% increase in blood plasma levels of antioxidants than those who ate milk chocolate or drank milk with their chocolate.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is also a powerful antioxidant and has excellent anti-aging properties. This lush, seed-bearing fruit provides vitamins C and B5, potassium and antioxidant polyphenols. Pomegranate juice is particularly high in antioxidants, higher than red wine, green tea and wild blueberries.

4. Red apples

While all apples are high in antioxidants, red delicious apples have been found to be the highest in a number of scientific studies. The major source of antioxidants in apples are polyphenols, which are five times more prevalent in the skin than in the flesh. That’s one good reason to buy organic apples and eat the whole apple without peeling it.

5. Tomatoes

One of the most versatile cooking ingredients also happens to be one of nature’s richest sources of lycopene, one of the strongest antioxidants. Lycopene needs fat for optimum absorption, so pairing your tomatoes with olive oil will increase your lycopene levels. We suggest only eating certified organic or spray-free tomatoes, as they are renowned for being heavily sprayed with pesticides and fungicides.


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